May 3, 2018

EPISODE 79 of 2018 - Dan Tortora welcomes Tara Macciocco on her new opportunity at Wilkes & responds to the NFL Draft 1st Round

1st Segment - "The Annoying Moment of the Week", Proudly Presented by Carvel DeWitt, on Avengers: Infinity War (hear plenty more on Super Powered Pop).

2nd Segment - Dan Tortora is joined by Tara Macciocco, who spent 14 years as the Marywood University women's basketball head coach & is staying in Northeast PA to take the reins of the Wilkes University women's basketball team moving forward.

3rd Segment - A response to the 1st Round of the 2018 NFL Draft, including the Cleveland Browns' shaking up the start of the draft.

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