February 3, 2018

EPISODE 5 of 2018 - Dan Tortora welcomes Dan Pearson & “Papa Joe”, while discussing his time at EverBank Field with the NFL Playoffs Returning to Jacksonville

1st Segment - Dan Tortora with Dan Pearson, Retired Sports Publicist who has worked closely with the sport of football for decades, speaking on UCF, their claiming of a National Championshp for the 2018-18 season, the current climate of College Football, & More

2nd Segment - Dan Tortora with "Papa Joe" for a SPECIAL EDITION of "Papa Joe's Picks", going into the 2018 College Football Playoff Championship between Georgia & Alabama, with a Chick-fil-A wager on the line

3rd Segment - Dan Tortora shares his experience at EverBank Field with the NFL Playoffs returning to Jacksonville, Florida, for the FIRST TIME in a DECADE

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