1st Segment - Dan Tortora is joined by Eric Devendorf of Syracuse Orange men's basketball history, being on the current staff, & extending his basketball playing career by competing on the Boeheim's Army squad inside the TBT.

2nd Segment - Dan Tortora is joined by 2020 Football Recruit Christian Hood, who already has offers from Arizona, Iowa State, & Syracuse out of the state of Texas.

3rd Segment - "Ingredients to Success" Signature Segment Proudly Presented by Utica Pizza Company.

1st Segment - One of our most devout listeners kept his word & shaved his chest after losing a bet he made on the show that Golden State would not win Game 4 of the 2018 NBA Finals against Cleveland. Dan Tortora helps his listener live up to his bet by shaving his chest during the broadcast. Dan then offers the listener to sit in & discuss numerous topics as a thank you for keeping his word, which leads into discussion on Syracuse, the NFL, & Much More. 

Watch the Live Feed Archive to see the Moment of Live On-Air Shaving HERE.

1st Segment - "The Annoying Moment of the Week" Proudly Presented by Carvel DeWitt, this time centering on the topic of Establishing Value so that Value will be Established.

2nd Segment - World Cup Takeover of "Significant Soundbites", featuring Lawrence L.J. Papaleo, former Professional Soccer Player & now helping Central/Upstate NY HERE

3rd Segment - "Collectible Corner" with Dan Tortora & John Newman of Newman Sportscards, Watch PART 1 & PART 2 from our Live Video Feed Archive & be sure to watch LIVE EVERY FRIDAY starting at 10amET on Facebook.com/LiveNowDT

1st Segment - Dan Tortora has some questions for the Toronto Raptors & their coaching decisions/lack of decisions. Why fire the Coach of the Year after a Record-Setting season??

2nd Segment - "Coaching with Class" Signature Segment featuring Katie Kolinski, who spent 7 seasons on Jim Boeheim's Syracuse Orange men's basketball staff, speaking on the NBA this time around.

3rd Segment - "The Fantasy Football Power Hour" Proudly Presented by The Wildcat Sports Pub with Dan Tortora & Mike Sofka of HallofFameFantasyFootball.com, keying in on the Entire AFC EAST in this episode, speaking on Fantasy Football players on the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, & New York Jets.

1st Segment - The World Cup takes over the 1st Hour of "WakeUpCall" where Dan Tortora & Zach Bowden give their preliminary thoughts on the field for 2018.

2nd Segment - Dan Tortora is joined by Jimmy Evans, who aided the Binghamton Bulldogs to finish in the Top 8 in the NATION in the ABA for the 2017-18 season, to speak on Binghamton, the NEW Syracuse Stallions' ABA franchise, Upstate NY rivalries, the ABA product, & much more!

1st Segment - Dan Tortora has The LeBron James Discussion.

2nd Segment - Dan Tortora is joined by Mike Sugamosto of the Syracuse Stallions, who shares the release of the Inaugural Schedule On-Air for 2018-19.

3rd Segment - Dan Tortora welcomes DaShonte Riley, who spent time with the Syracuse Orange before transferring to the Eastern Michigan Eagles, followed by being welcomed back to the Orange squad that is Boeheim's Army inside the TBT.

4th Segment - "Ingredients to Success" Signature Segment Proudly Presented by Utica Pizza Company.

 Dan Tortora welcomes Frankie Policelli back who's no stranger to "Wake Up Call with Dan Tortora", for his first interview from onsite with the Dayton Flyers, realizing his dream of playing Division I college basketball. Tune into this special to hear from a hard-working, humble, kind young man who's taking his hopes & making them a reality.

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